Finally after all the factors that goes into converting we have are pat certificates for the electric and gas registered so fit for use. I decided to get the landrover wrapped as it seemed the most effective way and realistic look with just needing to add few finishishing touches with signs,awnings and a few straw bales and milk churns to finish of the effect but decided to leave the sheep at home :) hopefully all the hard work will pay of and you will love it as much as I do.  

       How Country Bumpkins was Born

We had to replace a lot of the front panels wheel arches and all the wires and exterior parts of the engine but luckily the main part of the engine was still in good tack

after clearing out all the ambulance equipment out of the back we could see what space we had to work with . I wanted it to look like a country cottage so that's where we decided to make the roof higher and for it to be in shape of a apex roof also for more room we were going to put lifting ramp on the back where the back doors will slot into to give us more space.

Nearly all of my appliances are run off gas, supplied by a fitted 60 litre gas tank under the vehicle all my interior lights run of a 12v battery

my dad has hand made a lot of the units him self so they slot in place so can all be moveable    also building in a coffee machine into the center of the cab to free up space so its a fully functional kitchen on wheels even with the kitchen sink.  

The Country Bumpkins landrover started life as a ambulance in the army after being a bit worse for wear with the front end of it being burnt out it ended up in the army depo in Cambridge where me and my dad spent 5 hours trying get it home on a trailer limited to amout 40mh because of the weight of it.